Santa Dash Donations

Here at Arena we are teaming up with Socks and Chocs to collect for the homeless the treat of some chocolate and socks during this Winter.

If we could please ask you to donate what you can so Socks and Chocs can help others.  We need to get much needed supplies to the Homeless Outreach Centres who are out on the streets providing sleeping bags, socks, underwear, toiletries and chocolates (a Christmas treat some of us take for granted). You can bring donations in to school!

The students are running 3.2km from our local One Stop Shopping centre to school in a ‘Santa Dash’ to help to raise money towards this cause!

You can make money donations here:

Your donation will help provide these things to show a little human kindness at this time of year.

Socks and Chocs are a charity who help other charities!

Please help in anyway you can, thank you.

“A lot of people doing a little, is better than a few doing a lot”

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