Ski Trip 2018 Serre Chevalier, French Alps

“The opportunity to ski was amazing and it was great to get to know other people in my year group” Faith Colledge – Year 9

Students from Year 9 and 10 have been eagerly awaiting their 2018 Ski Trip since March 2017! The excited team left Arena Academy on Friday 23rd February for their journey by coach to Dover on to Calais and down to Serre Chevelier in the French Alps. Students participated in 6 days of skiing in the French Alps. They had 4 hours of ski lessons each day whereby they developed their ski skills as well as their resilience, independence and bravery.

They had a packed schedule with evening activities such as bum-boarding, games nights, snow play, crepe night and movie night.

Students got to ski on slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, including: Green slopes, Blue slopes and even Red slopes.

The students all excelled – at the beginning of the week nobody could ski at all and by the end of the week everyone was skiing down the mountain from over 2500m.

Students did themselves and the Academy proud in Serre Chevelier. We have had fantastic feedback from parents and students and are so pleased that they were all able to gain skills and confidence on this amazing trip –a trip that they will remember for the rest of their lives.


“The views were fantastic, especially at the top of the mountains” Jacob – Year 9

“It was fun learning to ski and I really enjoyed the positive atmosphere. Everyone was helping each other out and working as a team” Tori – Year 9

“I enjoyed sharing a dorm and getting to know new people” Sia – Year 9

“I enjoyed the evening activities because I got to socialise with lots of people. I also liked being independent and learning a new skill in the ski lessons. This made me feel more confident” Isobelle – Year 9

“It was relaxing and there was lots of positivity.” Cassandra – Year 9


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