Year 11 Led Assembly

Florida School Shooting Memorial

“Nobody expects school to be dangerous. Nobody looks at the hallways and imagines a war zone… and those 17 people didn’t imagine that this would be their last day. ” -Amy Gaffney, Year 11.

Wednesday 14th March marked a month after the terrible incident in a Florida High school that resulted in 3 members of staff and 14 students losing their life. A group of our Year 11 students organised, wrote and held their own memorial assembly with selected students across all year groups. This moving and heartfelt assembly paid tribute to all those who died through a performance of Hallelujah, spoken word by Year 11 students, videos of the media coverage; speeches from our Head Girl and Head Boy; a presentation about gun laws in America, and reflections on the impact this incident had on the school and area in Florida.

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