Sailing Trip 2018

The following Year 7 students took part in the Sailing Trip 2018:

Adam Abla, Regan Banks, Reuben Harvey Baugh, Noel Okolie, Taylor Clarke and Jamie Plant

Students traveled from Brixham in North Devon and sailed the south coast. They were sailing on a pre-1900 medium sized ‘Mule’ type of sailing trawler “Provident”. She was built in 1924 for William Pillar to replace the one of the same name, sunk by gunfire from a German U-boat during World War 1. Skipper Pillar and the crew of the first Provident had famously rescued survivors from the torpedoed battleship HMS Formidable in a channel gale in the early hours of the morning of New Year’s Day 1915. The crew were invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the King and receive medals for bravery at the request of Winston Churchill – then First Lord of the Admiralty. They were awarded a grant from the public purse and the government that enabled William Pillar to build the replacement “Provident”. The trawler has been maintained by Trinity for the past 21 years and is often seen sailing along the shores of both the UK and Brittany.

This was a marvellous opportunity for the boys who have worked very hard behind the scenes busily fundraising.

Trinity sailing offer a wealth of sail training and have three ships that they manage.

Thank you to everyone who has supported them on this journey.

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