Echo Eternal – Holocaust Memorial Day

Echo Eternal is a commemorative arts, media and civic engagement project delivered in schools for children of all ages, inspired by the testimony of British survivors of the Holocaust. The testimony was captured by the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation – UKHMF. The project is underpinned by CORE Education Trust’s track record in bringing together diverse communities in a collaborative context, in this case with a common focus of Holocaust memorial and genocide awareness. This focus is supported by the creation of collaborative civic alliances between schools with different social and cultural characteristics.

The Echo Eternal pilot commenced in Birmingham on Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 and is currently a live project in 12 schools- 6 CORE Education Schools and 6 Partner Schools. The project will run for a further 2 calendar years across the West Midlands- 2019 and 2020 – continuing in the 6 CORE Schools and introducing another 12 new schools (6 each year) before being launched in 6 London Schools in 2021 ahead of the new national memorial being built in the gardens of parliament in 2022.

The project is delivered through 4 strands: Artistic; Education; Media; Civic Engagement.

Our students have had the honor of being involved in this memorial project and these students will be curating the Holocaust Memorial event which is currently at Birmingham Library on Thursday 31st January.

As a school we are taking part in a concert entitled “Echo Eternal: Horizons” on Monday 28th January at Birmingham Town Hall. This concert revisits the testimonies of different survivors and creates artistic expressions that accompany these accounts. A number of our students are taking part in a cross trust choir that are performing live on the evening. Information and tickets click here:

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