Year 7 Precious Lives Assembly

Year 7 took part in a presentation from PC Rob Pedley from the West Midlands Police about knife crime. Throughout the assembly, our students listened respectfully to some extremely sad recounts of the effects of knife crime involving young people in the Birmingham area. One of the victims they heard about was an up and coming Grime artist Depzman – Joshua Ribera whose life was sadly cut short as a result of knife crime. His mother, Alison Cope, then spoke to the students about the impact it has had on her and her family.

Our students were told by Rob that in most cases, victims of knife crime know their attacker and that it’s usually a result of a disagreement that gets out of hand. Rob also explained what Joint Enterprise is and how someone can be charged with the same crime by just being present. Following on from this Rob gave some really good advice to our young people including an example of a ‘get-out story’ to be able to remove themselves from a situation or somewhere they could potential by in harms way. -Students can always call 999 if they feel they or someone is in danger.

Students were given time to reflect on this difficult subject and assured that they always have a member of staff to talk to in school if they feel they need to.

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