British Army – Careers

Dan Hackett a representative from the British Army visited our school to deliver careers guidance to Year 10 and Year 11 students who have shown an interest in joining the Army/Navy/RAF.

Students were able to freely ask questions throughout the talk and find out more detailed information regarding life in the Army and life after the Army. Questions regarding “What skills the Army can provide you with?” and “What opportunities such as travelling and training can you do while in the Army?” Students also learnt about the Army Foundation College Post 16 and what a gap year with the Army looks like.

This career session will be the first of many throughout the year, as a school we are keen to provide our young people with significant interaction with staff from a variety of industries that they have shown an interest in. These career sessions mean our students experience encounters with employers and employees, so every student should have at least one meaningful encounter with members of industry.


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