Birmingham Open Media (BOM) – “We Run This” Exhibition and Workshop

“I really enjoyed the trip to BOM as it helped me understand what I could do in future after finishing my OCR Creative iMedia qualification. It gave me an insight into what people would do in industry”. -Sienna 10WJE

Birmingham Open Media (BOM) is a centre for art, technology and science based in central Birmingham, championing “creative innovation with purpose”.  The gallery space is free to enter, and presents cutting edge digital artworks and exhibitions that engages a debate about technology and scientific progress.  BOM is a place for children, young people and adults to engage with creative technology programmes, with a particular interest in coding, media and technology.

Current KS4 students studying Computer Science and Creative iMedia will have the opportunity to view work created by internationally renowned artists with a focus on STEAM subjects, coding and digital graphics. This will support the students in developing their knowledge in iMedia, specifically film, animation and coding and the Representation of artists working in the digital medium. This links directly to the Creative iMedia and Computer Science courses and scenarios within both the coursework and exam units.

The theory of computation and the design of computational systems is increasingly used linked in within the creative industries to produce creative media products, including digital graphic design, glitch art and virtual reality gaming. This visit to BOM will allow to students to see these links in practice, with real life links.

“We Run This” is an exhibition that explores intersectionality through film, animation and code. Connecting experiences of remixed identities it raises questions around the impact of digital media. The exhibition includes work by Irene Fubara Manuel, Georgia Lucas-Going, Emily Mulenga, Tabita Rezaire, Sun Stephenson. The exhibition is Co-curated with Afro Futures_UK, and features the work of artists working in the digital medium. More info available at:

Students attended a guided talk and tour of the ‘We Run This’ exhibition, given by Chloe Lawson Engagement Producer and Julia Higginbottom, BOM Fellow (artist in residence).

Julia Higginbottom is an artist working in multimedia, film, script and social media storytelling; collaborating, using new tools, data and ideas for social or commercial impact, or just for fun. She is currently developing ‘Community’, a project that will explore stories through lo-fi, open source AR/VR and other technologies. Julia gave a talk about her work to date, career progression and what it is like to be an artist that combines both Computer Science and Creative Media technologies. Students also attended a workshop where they created a “zine” page using mixed media to explore their own identities.


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