ASK in French

Last week in true ASK ‘Fashion’, 4 French groups from Year 8 staged two fashion shows in school. The aim of the show was to show off their fluency, pronunciation and confidence in the French language, as well as their creativity and individualism. Pupils have recently been studying the topic of clothes in their French lessons with Mrs Brighton and Miss Filmer.

The fashion shows gave the students to practise their French in a totally unique way. They worked independently in their own groups to design their outfits, think of their own theme and then write up and in some cases, memorise the language and then present it in front of their peers and teachers on stage.

Pupils showcased their budding language skills which improved their confidence and fluency with just a few ideas from their teachers. Having the confidence  to stand up in front of their peers and speak in a foreign language is no mean feat and it was so pleasing to see so many students showing great determination and resilience during the task. Many pupils surprised themselves on how well they could speak in French in public. Both of their French teachers were very, very proud with their work and effort throughout the challenge.

Très bien à tous!!!

“I really, really enjoyed the fashion show! It gave me an opportunity to speak French in front of an audience and to perfect my skills, as well as seeing what I need to improve on in the future.” Hunain, 8LFR

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