ASK in Art

At Arena Academy we believe it’s important to let our students grow into the very best version of the person they want to be. In order to do this, our teachers will promote in them the Attributes, Skills and Knowledge (ASK) they need to enjoy lifelong success.

This is reflected today in Mrs Noone’s Year 7 student lead self discovery Art lesson. Students are exploring tin can Repousse – using endangered marine life for inspiration. Student roles appointed were Student Spokesperson, Team Leader and Peer support. This enabled student’s independent learning and self discovery of unknown materials and techniques. Students developed resilience through limited and controlled communication with their Art Teacher Mrs Noone.

Over these coming weeks the Art department are attempting to develop a display in school aiming to raise awareness of plastic waste in our oceans. Staff from Arena Academy have been recycling their plastic waste with the Art Department in collaboration with KS3’s  ‘Save the Ocean’ and ‘Endangered Marine Life Art’ Art project.


“From this lesson I now know that I can lead a group and I was successful. I think that the technique of Repousse is exciting. It’s great that something beautiful can come from recycled waste.” Grace 7OKI 

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