Royal Courts of Justice

“It was fun to develop my problem solving skills in an actual courtroom setting.”

Our most able students in Year 7 and Year 8 have just finished writing an extended essay based on the psychological debate ‘Nature vs. Nurture’.  The aim of the project was for our students to explore, justify and debate the reasons for human behaviour. In order to further consolidate our students’ knowledge and understanding, we visited the Royal Courts of Justice, London on Thursday 11th July 2019.  Our students participated in a ‘Court in Session’ workshop. The theme of the session was based on ‘cyberbullying’, and our students were given the opportunity to look at actual witness statements.

The workshop was delivered in an actual courtroom, where our students prepared and re-enacted a real case by taking on the roles of judge, jury, prosecution, and defence. Furthermore, our students were also given a guided tour of the Royal Courts of Justice. The day was inspiring and allowed our students to enhance their rhetoric, reasoning and debating skills!

“I enjoyed working with my peers and now feel more confident to speak in public.”


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