Arena Academy App

As part of our efforts to improve communication with families, the Piota App is no longer in use as we are developing a new improved app that will mean we can send you more details specific to your child such as reports, rewards and attendance.

This is currently still in development and won’t be rolled out until we are confident that it is working effectively.
In the meantime you can follow our twitter @COREArenaAcad for general messages and updates.
Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions on 0121 729 7310.
From today, we will be contacting you via text to ensure speedier communication between home and school. By January 2020, we hope to move to entirely email contact so please let us have your updated email address by sending it to [email protected] to keep in touch with school! Please do not resend emails if you have already sent your preferred email to the provided email address.
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