My experience at Echo Eternal was amazing, as I got to learn a lot of things I didn’t know about the Holocaust. Listening to Natasha’s interview was heart breaking because it was such an emotional moment for her and for me that was such a powerful message to experience. I felt really shocked to learn about how these people were treated, it made me really emotional to see those who experienced it, it made it all so real. It happened in real life! If it was me being interviews I don’t know how I would have had the courage to share such a heartbreaking story.

– Parina  


During Echo Eternal I had the phenomenal opportunity to learn about the Rwandan Genocide, in my opinion it was important to learn about this because it is important to learn about others struggles. It was a brilliant experience and I specifically learned about a man called Eric, he taught me a lesson that still goes through my mind daily. Never give up and achieve whatever you want. He has had such a hard life in Rwanda and he survived because he never gave up. When I read what happened to him I felt so sorry for him. Nobody should ever have to go through what he and his family did.

– Lawrence

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