This year, our Black History Month theme was “Sankofa; Looking back, Looking forward” The “Sankofa” is a metaphorical symbol used by the Akan people of Ghana, generally depicted as a bird with its head turned backward taking an egg from its back. It expresses the importance of reaching back to knowledge gained in the past and bringing it into the present in order to make positive progress. During Black History Week, students and staff collaborated with peers and external visitors to create a series of motivating events in school during the week of Monday 30th September. Students ran assemblies that showcased creative talents; wrote and read their own poems; took part in a Caribbean-inspired cook off and collaborated with guest speakers. The students showed all the very best qualities we expect from them; inquisitiveness, hard work and a commitment to excellence. We hope that Sankofa impacted our students to reflect on the past in order to bring relevance and insight to the future. “I am proud to be a part of a school that celebrates and teaches Black History.” “Black History is all of our History”

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