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We have worked hard to refine our remote learning offer, based on our experience of the first lockdown and the past term. Your child’s education will be as close to in-person learning as possible. It includes Personal Development sessions, assemblies as well as a full timetable of subject-specific sessions. 

Arena Academy Remote Education Provision: A guide for parents.

During this period of lockdown all of our lessons will be using the Microsoft Teams platform.

Below are a number of guides to help you connect and continue learning. Please follow these guides but please don’t hesitate to contact the school if you continue to have problems. Email [email protected]

Click the headings below to access the user guides.

– Student guide on how to access Microsoft Teams

– Student guide on how to access Microsoft Teams on Smart TV, Xbox and Playstation

– Staff guide on how to access Microsoft Teams

We will continue to connect with the school community and deliver the curriculum at home through ‘live’ lessons. All students should use Teams (via Office 365) to access curriculum work set by their teachers.

Students will register at the same time and have form class will begin at 8:45am for all year groups.

Please see the online support and equipment section of the website – in this section you also find information about equipment and devices.

We recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access at home. We aim to support those pupils who are unable to access online learning. If you require a ‘loan laptop’ or you require technical support to access live learning, email

Registration and Form

Form takes place at 8.45am each day and we have a full programme of activities throughout the week:

  • Monday – Assembly
  • Tuesday – Arena Conduct Cup and Celebrating Success
  • Wednesday – PSHE
  • Thursday – PSHE
  • Friday – Catch-up


Please follow the below Timetables each day.

Online learning will continue as normal this week from Monday 1st March. When pupils are not in school for testing they should be continuing with their lessons. Due to staff being involved in the testing of pupils there will be some lessons where staff are not available to ‘live’ teach the lesson but work will be set for pupils to do.

Year 7 Timetables

Year 8 Timetables

Year 9 Timetables

Year 10 Timetables

Year 11 Timetables

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