Vulnerable Children & Critical Workers

Whilst the majority of our students will be learning remotely, we are providing school provision to vulnerable and critical worker families.  

If you need to access this provision, please email Claire Kilroy our Lead DSL: [email protected]

Students who are on site will be accessing their live learning timetables using devices and headphones, supervised by pastoral staff.

Full information around vulnerable children and who is classed as a critical worker can be found on the Government website.

Letter from Ms Kilroy: Further clarification for parents and carers who are Critical (Key) Workers. 12th January 2021

If your circumstances have changed and you qualify as a critical worker, please contact the school :  

Guidance for students in school:
  • Students arrive at 8.45am and leave at 2.45pm
  • Students are not required to wear school uniform to enable students to wash and wear clean clothes each day
  • There is lunch available on site for students to purchase, Free School Meal students will be provide with lunch.
  • Students need to bring headphones with them where possible to enable them to access their online learning.

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