In KS3 students will be introduced to the key concepts of art and will progress to more complex techniques and the combining of materials. Schemes of work will have a historical and a contemporary focus to ensure that learning is both meaningful and current. As students develop, they will gain an insight into industry-based practice such as photography, architecture, ceramics or printmaking for example. 

In KS4 students will self-select from a variety of starting points or suggest their own if appropriate to their interests and ability. The curriculum follows a logical order from initial responses to recording and then to critical study. Interspersed with the sustained project is a series of skills workshop that develop and extend existing drawing, printing and photography skills. Students will record their learning journeys in visual and written forms. 


  • Miss L Freeman – Head of Art.
  • Mrs H Noone – Teacher of Art and Photography.
  • Mrs K Whitehouse – Teacher of Art and Photography.