This page will detail Arena Academy’s attendance and punctuality policies.  Please read this page with your child and ensure that they understand our expectations.

Please note that we recommend that children arrive at school by 8:20am.

Attendance is Achievement!

  • It is the law that your child attends school every day. If they do not attend, it must be for a justifiable reason. Only the School Attendance Officer, Mrs Bhamra or the Head Teacher, Mr Mann can authorise the absence.
  • For every day that your child is absent, we ask that parent/carers contact school by 8.30am. If we have not received any reason for your child’s absence, parent/carers will be contacted by our automated text message.
  • On your child’s return to school, we request medical evidence (where appropriate) to be handed to the Attendance Team.
  • Poor attendance will be investigated by the school. The Attendance Team may invite parents/carers in for meetings and conduct home visits.
  • Parents/carers of persistently absent pupils could face a penalty/statutory action.
  • The Academy requests that all medical appointments to be kept outside of school day. We understand that this at times cannot be avoided, therefore we would suggest lunch time (with the student returning to school following appointment). The Academy requests that medical evidence is provided and handed to the Attendance Team prior to appointment.

Home Visits

Home visits are a crucial element of our safeguarding culture.  The student welfare team will conduct a home visit if:

  • A student has been absent for 3 consecutive days.
  • A student is absent and there are on going safeguarding concerns.
  • Families request support from school.
  • We are in your area.


  • Arena Academy operate a strict policy on lateness. If you are not on time it will affect not only your learning but also the learning of others.
  • The bell is at 8:35am where students should be in form ready for registration. We recommend that students arrive at school for at least 8.25am.
  • After the 8:35am bell, students will be recorded as late for any reason except where medical evidence is provided i.e. appointment card or prescription.
  • If a student is late to school, parents will be contacted and students will receive a 30 minute after school detention on the following school day.
  • Once a student has incurred five late detentions in a term, their late detentions will increase to 1 hour after school. After ten late detentions, their late detentions will increase to 2 hours after school.
  • Where there are individual punctuality concerns, parents/carers will be invited in to school for a meeting with the Attendance Officer and Head of Year.
  • At the end of break and lunch, there is a warning bell and then a second bell a few minutes later. Students are expected to be in their lessons by the bell. If students arrived to lessons late, they will receive a detention.  We encourage Year 7 students to check their timetables during break or lunchtime and ask an older student or teacher if they are not sure where a classroom is.