Governance and Trustees

Our governing body is responsible for working with the Headteacher and the staff to make our Academy and community a great place for our children to learn and prosper. We are committed to promoting our values of collaboration, opportunity, respect and excellence. We bring a breadth of skills, knowledge and experience to the governing body, representing parents, staff and the local community. You can find further information about us below.

Arena Academy Local Governing Body Members

Name: Start Date: End Date: Governor Role:
Raj Mann Ex-officio Ex-officio Headteacher
John Woodyatt 20/03/2020 20/03/2022 Chair of Governors
Claire Hassell 20/03/2018 20/03/2022 Trust Governor
Bridget Daniel-Brooks 16/12/2020 15/12/2024 Trust Governor
Chris McGrath 01/12/2020 30/11/2024 Trust Appointed Governor
David Murphy 01/02/2021 31/01/2025 Trust Governor
Yvette Chisholm 20/03/2018 20/03/2022 Trust Governor
Valda Oliver-Thompson 01/05/2019 30/04/2023 Parent Governor
Paulette Hunte 01/05/2019 30/04/2023 Parent Governor

Trust Governance and Trustees Information

For further information regarding our Governance, including Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association can also

If you wish to contact the Local Governing Body, please get in touch through the Academy.