The Health Faculty


Mrs L Morton – Head of Faculty.
Mr K Taylor- Teacher of PE.
Miss A Scott – Teacher of PE, Primary Co-ordinator
Mrs K Joyce – Teacher of PE, Guidance Mentor
Miss S Allen – Teacher of PE, Primary Co-ordinator
Mr A Taylor – Teacher of PE
Mr G Jones – Teacher of PE
Mr A Stephens – Teacher of PE

• Athletics
• Badminton
• Benchball
• Cricket
• Dance
• Fitness for sport
• Football
• Games from around the World
• Gymnastics
• Handball
• Netball
• Rounders
• Softball
• Trampolining


This course is divided into three components for assessment. The theory component is two end of course exams on all of the course content worth 60% of the overall mark. The practical component is worth 40% of the total mark and students are assessed in three different activities which make up this assessment. They are assessed purely as a performer in these activities. Due to the nature of the course students must be talented in PE, but must also be able to cope with the academic demands of the course.

Paper 1

The human body and movement in physical activity and sport
30 % towards total mark
78 marks in total
-Applied anatomy and physiology
-Movement analysis
-Physical training
-Use of data

Paper 2

Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport
30% towards total mark
78 marks in total
-Sports psychology
-Socio-cultural influences
-Health, fitness and well-being
-Use of data
Non-exam assessment – Practical performance in physical activity and sport
40% towards total marks
30% practical (Three selected sports)
Analysis and evaluation of performance 10%ditor. Enter or paste your text here. To download and save it, click on the button below.

BTEC Sport Level 2

BTEC Sport Level 2 All work in BTEC Sport is assessed using a Pass, Merit or Distinction grade. The course is equivalent in teaching time to 1 GCSE

Controlled Assessment 75%:

Three units which each carry an equal weighting of 25%.

External Assessment 25%:

One exam unit which carries a weighting of 25%.

Students will complete the following core units;

• Practical Sports Performance

• Fitness for sport and exercise

Students will then complete a further two units, selected by the teacher. These will be chosen from;

• The mind in sport

• Sports performer in action

• Leading sports activities