Key Stage 4 Homework

At KS4, it is vital that students develop the resilience and independence to pursue additional work outside of the classroom. Termly Grade Descriptors will provide a good starting point for students to know what topics they are studying, and the skills and content they must master each term to be on target.

Our Curriculum Handbook will also detail topics and revision materials (both print and online versions) which can support additional learning outside of the classroom.

In addition to this, all students will receive a piece of homework from each subject once every two weeks.

Voluntary activities which students can engage in:

The Internet is a goldmine of additional and increasingly engaging videos. Online media may be used to help students create mind maps or revision flashcards. The Curriculum Handbook will detail subject-specific examples, but highlights include:

  • BBC Teach has an excellent range of videos and resources to support and develop an understanding of key content.
  • The myGCSEscience playlists on YouTube
  • Using exam board Mark Schemes to respond to past exam questions – staff will happily mark any past exam questions a student wishes to tackle!
  • Formulating questions in the style of GCSE papers – students can look up exemplar exam papers online and, using these and the GCSE specifications online, draft their own exam-style questions.
  • Engaging with the subject outside of a textbook! New specification examiners love quirky relevant links between content and the wider world, so reading a quality daily newspaper (e.g.: The Guardian; The Telegraph) – much of which can be viewed for free online – is a great idea. Students could cut out and maintain a scrapbook of connections they have made between the evolving world around them, and what they are learning in school (e.g.: keep an eye on evolving scientific research; follow coverage of Brexit and its implications for History/Geography etc.)

Download Apps which support learning. Some great examples include:

  • Gojimo Revison
  • Memrise
  • Quizlet
  • Seneca

Our memory works best when we hear and talk things over. Download some subject-specific podcasts which keeps the mind engaging in fresh, exam-relevant material. Examples include: