Echo Eternal

Echo Eternal is an arts, media and civic engagement education project that brings children from different social, cultural, and religious contexts together, with a common focus of commemorating and paying tribute to Holocaust and genocide survivors. The project preserves the truth of survivor testimony and allows the creative expression of children to promote messages of peace, unity, and civic optimism, so that “never again” is a reality, not a slogan.

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Hedi Frankl

A short biography

Hedi was born in Hungary on May 8th 1927.  She went into hiding in Vienna with a Christian family, before being captured and taken to the factory Strasshof.  There she made friends with a girl, Alice, who stuck with her throughout the war. They escaped to Vienna together with the help of a foreman at the factory, and then went back to Hungary when the war finished.  

Hedi was reunited with her only surviving family member, her brother and was brought to Great Britain by an uncle who had moved there before the war.  She settled in London and worked as a social worker for the Jewish Welfare Board.  Hedi opened a matchmaking agency which she ran for twenty-five years before retiring.  She has one daughter and a grandson, who live outside of the UK.  Hedi has care support from the Association of Jewish Refugees.

We have been ‘gifted’ the testimony of Hedi Frankl.

“I want future generations to remember what happened during the Holocaust and don’t make the same mistakes again.”

Hedi Frankl

Our pledge to Hedi Frankl

In Hedi Frankl’s name we pledge to share her testimony and have been inspired to be the personification of courage and kindness by offering words of comfort and support to those who are sick, isolating and suffering. We will do this by sending cards with personal messages from our students to those in hospitals, care homes and our community, each school term.

We invite you to join us!

Please share with us how/when/where you have been inspired to implement our pledge. Remember acts of courage and kindness do not have to be grand gestures, they are simple acts which can make a difference. We will be sharing your stories on social media platforms.