“If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.” – Roald Dahl

Every week there will be a short story for you to read. Each short story will be accompanied by 10 reading comprehension questions.

It is your job to complete these 10 questions and submit these to be in with a chance to gain your golden tickets to a very special event when we are back at school.

Golden tickets will be given to the Top 50 students who have answered the most questions correctly and made progress on their reading.

To enter all you need to do is email your answers each day to the email address: [email protected]

Please make sure you submit your ‘Reading Name’ that you would like to be shown on the leaderboard.

The leaderboard will be updated every week so keep an eye out for your score!

Happy Reading!

This weeks reading challenge Monday 27th April:


Monday 20th April:

Monday 4th May:

Monday 11th May:

Monday 18th May:

Monday 1 June:

Monday 8th June

Monday 15th June:

Monday 22nd June:

Monday 29th June:


Golden Ticket Leaderboard

Username Score
HenHa 102
AdyAh 101
HayCo 100
JohSt 91
LomCl 87
BelleCl 76
IsoWr 76
SamDo 74
MorLe 71
JoHl 71
AdHa 70
JasBa 70
VicSam 69
AnaA 68
ArAl 63
PugMol 62
OliPe 58
ElBu 55
NiaCL 54
KerGu 49
LeSt 45
DayEv 44
AlGo 41
LuBu 39
MilBu 39
AngBa 39
EmiBu 37
TayBi 30
ChPi 29
AySa 24
HarUb 23
BenPe 22
ChFo 19
AlRe 13
AmSq 10
KayB 9
AeOTh 9
ArSw 9
RayP 8
BilHu 8
BaiBu 8
KayB 7
ShMa 7
LexCl 7
RaPe 7
FrAs 7
JaPe 7
BroNe 6
JaBy 6
ChlPi 6
AmFer 5
VinMa 3