Rewards and Sanctions at Arena Academy

At Arena we will always reward those that do the right thing.  This includes arriving on time to school, working hard in lessons, and being a good role model to other students.

We have a range of ways to encourage students to always strive to succeed:

  • Awards Evening
  • Rewards Trips
  • Form Tutor Awards
  • Subject Awards
  • Headteacher Awards
  • Star of the Week
  • Praise postcards home
  • Positive phone calls
  • Arena Awards
  • ASK points


Arena Academy also has a system of sanctions in place and they can be viewed below.

If your child is given a detention, you will receive a text message or a phone call home to notify you.

Students are required to sit their detention in the canteen after school on the following school day. If you require your child to be somewhere afterschool – we request that you make suitable arrangements to ensure that detention can still take place.

Afterschool detentions are 30minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours. 2 hour detentions take place on a Tuesday and Thursday.

For more serious incidents, students can be withdrawn from lessons to spend a period of time in the reflection room. In very serious cases students can receive a fixed-term exclusion from school.