” The Science Department at Arena Academy aims to provide every student with the knowledge and skills for real life opportunities”

We will achieve this through the following values:

  • To foster curiosity and scientific enquiry
  • To provide an inclusive educational experience for all students
  • To build our student’s confidence and independent learning skills to allow them to move forward and succeed.



Mrs K Curtis – Head of Science & STEM Lead
Mr C Levy – Second in Science
Mr H Singh – Teacher of Science
Mr A Rahman – Teacher of Science
Mrs J Russell – Senior Science Technician



At Key Stage 3 students follow the 2014 National Curriculum supported by the Smart Science Scheme of Work. In year 7 and 8 students have six hours of science lessons over the two week timetable.
In Science lessons students explore current scientific events as well as planning, executing and evaluating a number of investigations. The relevance of Science at a global, national, local and personal level can inspire students to develop enquiring minds and become successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve.
The investigative and practical nature of the subject provides opportunities for students to explore and learn through various approaches. Science encourages students to think creatively and be resourceful through processing information, reasoning, questioning and evaluating, in order to solve a range of scientific problems.
Students will study:

Year 7

  • Living Systems and The Particulate Nature of Matter
  • Forces and Motion and Diet and Health
  • Atoms, elements and compounds and Leavers, moments and pressure
  • Genetics and Evolution and
  • Reactions
  • Electricity and electromagnetism
  • How Science Works/Practical Project

Year 8

  • Photosynthesis, respiration and circulation and Acids and Alkalis
  • Energy and Reproduction and Growth
  • Materials and Everyday Chemistry and Waves
  • Ecosystems and The Earth and Atmosphere
  • Space



GCSE Combined Science Trilogy (AQA)

This course allows all students within out school to leave with a broad and sound understanding of all the sciences, and with over 20 practical experiments included within their assessment they will have the opportunity to develop their investigative and critical thinking skills.

All students will sit their science GCSE at the end of year 11.

Assessment info:

6 x 1.15hr papers

GCSE Single Sciences

Single Sciences allow students to leave with a GCSE grade in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Different to the Trilogy course, this qualification allows students to study individual sciences in more depth. This course will also allow pupils to develop a wide range of scientific skills as they will be assessed on practical experiments and their knowledge of scientific concepts.

Assessment info:

6 X 1.45 hours papers (single sciences)