The Voice of Experience – Meharjot


Dear future Year 7,


I know how you feel, I know that you feel a great amount of pressure and feel like the sky is going to collapse on you, but it’s nothing like that.


When I first started year 7 I was terrified but I knew some friends would come with me yet I have made many new friends on the way so even if none of your school friends come you will always have a friend in your new school in me. When you join this school it’s a bit daunting and a bit confusing because of the timetables and all of the classes but as you go on with your year you will soon get used to it. By carrying your planner around school you’ll properly memorise all of the rooms, it will be like second home.


One of my favourite things about Arena Academy is the food and especially the delicious waffles that I have for breakfast and I think you should really try them. Another amazing thing about Arena Academy is the teachers, the teachers are extremely nice, and it is not POSSIBLE to not have at least one brilliant or kind teacher. In addition, if you are lucky you could get one of the best teachers as a form tutor Mrs Noone.


All I can say now is good luck and I look forward to see you all, looking smart in you new blazers and remember to have fun.


Best regards