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Year 11, your future remains at the heart of our thinking as always. We will continue to provide you with the support to develop and embed the key skills and attributes, which you shall need in order to be successful in the next steps of your educational journey. We will provide you with opportunities to ignite your inquisitive and curious minds!

We are delighted to launch the Next Step Ready programme of academically challenging and engaging tasks, which will be crucial in helping you to further cultivate your own independent learning and to develop those all-important higher order thinking skills. These tasks are designed to test your ability to problem solve, think critically, analyse, evaluate and make judgements, being a range of skills respected by higher and further educational institutions and employers alike!

The Next Step Ready programme has been launched and run will until Friday 12th June 2020. There will be several tasks published over a period of four weeks. All resources and the task briefs will be uploaded here and will also be emailed to your school email account every Monday. All completed work can be emailed to Miss Hall at [email protected]

The Plan

Challenge 1 – Extended Essay Exploration

The purpose of writing an extended essay is for you to be able to pose insightful questions appropriate to the topic, engage in a systematic research process, develop creative and critical thinking, develop writing and communication skills. Extended essay exploration develops skills you will need to be successful in your post-16 studies. Want to know more ? Click on the icon below.

Challenge 2 – Thinking Skills

We all have thinking skills, but not everyone uses them efficiently. Effective thinking skills are developed over a period of time. Developed thinkers see opportunities where others see hindrances. Developed thinkers have the ability to identify and formulate links between various factors, and to understand the integration between such features. Want to know more ? Click on the icon below.

Thinking Skills Section 1 (Next Step Ready Task 2)

Thinking Skills Section 2 (Next Step Ready Task 2)

Challenge 3 – A Level Specific Tasks (Launch date: 8th June 2020)

Further education is a big step up, but we are here to give you a flying start. Complete tasks from the subjects you plan to study at A-Level, which ignite your interest and curiosity. Remember, you may not necessary study the topics explored at A-Level, as different institutions access different specifications and exam boards, however completing these tasks will be instrumental in helping to develop your understanding of study at Post -16 (please note, not all A-Level subjects have been listed – just a selection).

A Level Specific Task – Art

A Level Specific Task – Chemistry

A Level Specific Task – English Language

A Level Specific Task – English Literature

A Level Specific Task – French

A Level Specific Task – Mathematics

A Level Specific Task – Photography


Below are the Transition to A-Level Grids – please start looking at these grids, which are full of thought provoking, engaging and interactive opportunities/tasks you can access, targeting a wide range of A-Level subjects. Activities have links to universities/BBC Sounds/TED Talks – just to mention a few.  Just select the subjects that you wish to pursue !

Transition to A Levels – English, Media Studies and MFL

Transition to A Levels – Science, Mathematics and Engineering

Transition to A Levels – Creative and Performing Arts

Transition to A Levels – Social Sciences and Humanities

Transition to A Levels – Computer Sciences and Business Studies

Transition to A Levels – Sports




Our aim: Delivering a CORE Education which means we will equip students and staff to connect online for Education to continue.

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