The Year 7 Team

The Year 7 Team welcomes you to Arena Academy. They look forward to meeting you and thought you would like to know a little about them.


Director of Personal Development

Miss Guest

Hello Year 7!  My name is Miss Guest – I am a Maths teacher and a Director of Personal Development and Welfare at Arena Academy.  I have worked at Arena Academy for 8 years and I think it’s a fantastic school – I know you will too!  In my spare time, I love watching live music, swimming and going on holidays around the world.  I can’t wait to meet you all in September as you begin your new journey through secondary school.  You might be feeling a bit nervous at the moment but I promise that we will have lots of fun along the way!

In the meantime, any questions can be directed to me at k[email protected]


Form Tutors

Mr Levy (7CLY)

Hello 7CLY!  I look forward to meeting you all soon. I am the Deputy Head of Science and I have taught here at Arena Academy for almost six years. I have just waved goodbye to my Year 11 form after five years so I have a few tips and tricks to share with you to make sure we are the best form in Year 7! In my spare time I am passionate about photography, travel and the great outdoors; I hope you will share some stories of your favourite places with me. Stay safe.




Mr Zs (7DZS)

I am a British Indian, proud of being born and raised in Birmingham, who studied English and American Literature at the University of Birmingham. My favourite novel is ‘The World According To Garp’ by John Irving, but I generally love fantasy and science-fiction. I consider myself a film buff and have an eclectic taste in music. Against my better judgement, I must also confess that I love video games. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in September and can’t wait to see how much you progress as students at Arena Academy!



Mrs Brighton (7HBR)

Hello Year 7s ! I have worked at Arena Academy for 6 years and I am Head of MFL which means ‘Modern Foreign Languages.’  Next year you will all be learning French and I can’t wait to hear what other languages you speak at home or places in the world you have visited. At home, I like to watch French films on Netflix and spend time with my family; I play tennis with my daughter who plays academy football at WBA. My husband supports Birmingham City and I support Arsenal so it can get very interesting in our house!  I hope you are all safe and well and I understand you may feel a bit nervous about coming to a new school you haven’t visited before but you will be fine as everybody at Arena is really nice and we all want you to enjoy learning here.  I look forward to meeting you all.


Miss Freeman (7LFR)

Hello Year 7!  I am the Head of Art here at Arena Academy. I have worked here for 7 years and worked in education for a total of 13 years, including as a teaching assistant in specialising in English. Clearly, as an art teacher, I enjoy all creative pursuits such as painting, craft and photography and have generally got a few personal projects ongoing at any one time (currently a quilted patchwork Christmas stocking for my son and some sun photography). Outside of school I am a keen skier/snowboarder and enjoy hiking and outdoor adventures. I am really excited to have a Year 7 form group next year as it is so rewarding to see you all grow and mature. As a form group we will work together to succeed and have fun and school and I look forward to meeting you all.


Mrs Ishtiaq (7MIS)

I am proud to be be your child’s form tutor during their time at Arena Academy. I am a Science teacher, with a great passion for Chemistry in particular! I look forward to meeting your child in September, and hope we can build a fruitful partnership that will create the perfect learning environment, both at home and in school.





Mr Lowe (7MLO)

I am one of the new English teachers at Arena Academy, I previously worked here during my PGCE year and it was truly amazing. I love to watch and play football and I support the best team in England, Chelsea FC! As well as my passion for teaching in my spare time I enjoy reading, keeping fit, cooking and also the odd game of FIFA. I can’t wait to meet all the new pupils joining Arena Academy in September and I can promise a warm welcome, happiness and success for the future.



Miss Titus-Glover (7FTI)

Hello Year 7s, my name is Miss Titus-Glover, but you can call me Miss T-G for short if Miss Titus-Glover is too long for you to remember! I will be your Form Tutor from September. I am looking forward to getting to know you all as your Form Tutor. Shall I let you into a little secret? If you are nervous about starting Arena Academy, I am too, because I will be a new teacher there – we can both be nervous together! But although I will be new to Arena Academy, I am not new to teaching. September 2020 will mark 16 years that I have been a teacher. I hope that you enjoy the end of Year 6 and your summer holidays and hopefully we will see each other in September. Take care, stay safe & God bless.


Miss Yesmin (7NYE)

Hi guys, just like you I am also a new addition to Arena Academy! I am an English teacher who fell in love with the subject because it allowed me to explore so many different cultures and worlds! I hope to share the same excitement with many of you! Aside from teaching, I adore going on outdoor adventures, baking and of course, everything Disney! Look forward to meeting each and every one of you this September!